Photos courtesy of Gary Schwartz

Mr. Kipps Keckwick
A Victorian Theatre It sounds more like reproval.
Robert Sidley It must be told. I cannot carry the burden any longer. It must be told.
Kurtis Macguire The Law Office
Britt Schottelius Bentley and Kipps
Kings Cross Station Train to Crythin Gifford
Gifford Arms Meeting with Jerome
Mrs. Alice Drablow's funeral Pony & Trap
And so, imagine if you would, this stage an island, this aisel a causeway . . . Eeel Marsh Graveyard
Eel Marsh House The Drablow Papers
The one door is locked . . . There was no keyhold, no bolt on the outside. Keckwick returns
Encountering Sam Daily Daily offers Spider, the terrier, for company
Back at Eel Marsh Reading the tombstone
Saying goodnight to Spider Then from the depths of the house, comes a sound like an intermittent bump or rumble. . .
The door opens of its own accord The nursery
There was nothing here to frighten or harm me, there was only an emptiness, a curious air of sadness . . .
Nightlight The nursery destroyed
Rescued to the home of Sam Daily You, if you are lucky, will neither hear nor see nor know of anything to do with that damned place again.
And then, quite suddenly, I saw her. I did not see a young woman.
Woman In Black's curtain call.

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